Company Profile

"BUL-ER International" Ltd. was founded in 1998 with share capital of 100 000 Levs as a company specialized in trade in arms, ammunition and special equipment, machinery and appliances, chemical products, metals and others. The company has full license to carry out foreign trade in arms activity.

"BUL-ER International" Ltd. mainly exports Bulgarian goods, as well as those produced in the former Soviet Union and other Eastern European countries. The company has established good relations with both Bulgarian and foreign producers and has the opportunities to perform complex deliveries. Company policy is aimed at developing new markets.

"BUL-ER International" Ltd. has offices in Sofia, Sopot, Bulgaria and Moscow, Russia. It employs highly skilled professionals with experience in production and trade in arms. The company has its own production of 82 mm fragmentation-type mines and 40 mm fragmentation grenade for RPG-7. The company's office in Sopot is built as a design-engineering center for its own developments and technology transfers. The company has its intellectual property products - Patent, industrial design, etc.

Company Policy

"BUL ER International" Ltd. conducts a policy of maximum openness for all customers and takes orders for its traditional range of products or works as a supplier in the areas where it has good experience and partners.

The main objective of the Company is to find new market niches while maintaining existing markets and customers and to attract new customers, relying on the traditional quality and reliability of the wide range of products and services.

The motto of the company is: Perfection is infinite!

Company Philosophy

"BUL-ER International" Ltd achieves its objectives, working as a team under the leadership of General Director of the company Mr. Dotcho Chikov. "BUL-ER International" Ltd. offers high quality products and services which fully meet customer requirements, at reasonable prices, with good packaging, installation and after-sale service.

"BUL-ER International" Ltd. requires its employees to treat customers with respect and consideration, following the maxim that the customer is always right. A guiding principle in communication with customers is accuracy.

"BUL-ER International" Ltd. values its employees and does everything possible to ensure conditions for their professional realisation and skill development. The Company appreciates the professionalism, accuracy and honesty in their actions.

company partners



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